Thursday, July 5, 2012

PayPal - Safe & Secure

Dear Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations...

We here at Gospel Spots just wanted to inform you all of our new PAYPAL link that is now available for online donations, use for yourself or share with friends and family. With this Safe and Secure service you can continue to help us spread the Gospel using Mass Media.

Want to support our ministry now? Simply click on the PayPal image below:

Gospel Spots uses Bible verses in our media because we believe the Word of God is powerful, and alive! We know that Scripture can “cut through” to the heart… when nothing else could get through.

Thank you all and God Bless,

Brandy Mesa
Office Manager

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Changes at Gospel Spots

Hello Everyone,
Yes, we are still here!!! And doing our best to continue to spread the Gospel through MASS MEDIA.

I know a lot of you are wondering what happened to us and why it's been so hard to contact us... well here is our latest update...


Dear Friend,

 I trust this letter finds you well, walking with God, and looking forward to all He has planned.

Changes at Gospel Spots

Our long-time Office Manager, Emily Steubs, has left Gospel Spots to work with her husband Justin in the family real estate business. Thanks for all your hard work, Emily! And now, please welcome our new Office Manager, Brandy Mesa, to Gospel Spots!

Brandy moved to Indio from Ontario, CA 7 years ago with her husband Dan (of 19 years) and their 3 children; Daniel (17), Shay (15), and Jacob (14). Dan is the Head Security Agent of a local Middle School, both Daniel & Jacob play baseball and Shay plays volleyball.

Please also welcome new Bookkeeper Suzie Hanson to Gospel Spots!

Suzie is originally from Washington State and moved to Palm Desert, CA 3 years ago. Suzie has 2 adult children, Heidi & Jake, along with two adorable Pugs, Sandy & Romeo. Suzie’s daughter Heidi lives in Montana with her husband Nick and their daughter Lucy. Suzie’s son Jake lives in Washington.

Other changes at Gospel Spots: we are in the process of moving our office, changing phone systems, and switching from an overly complicated (and expensive!) donor accounting software program over to the less-expensive but adequate-for-our-needs program, Quick Books.

Where Did Our Emails Go?!

All the moving, staff changes and equipment upgrades resulted in some minor issues and problems for us: lost emails, lost paperwork, and voice-mails that disappeared into the dark beyond…

We are working on solving all of these one by one. By the time you read this we should have working phones and Internet. It’s a little scary how dependent we all are on this technology.

We at Gospel Spots are beginning a process to contact all of you individually and directly, to make sure we have correct contact info, things like that. If you have a question or urgent issue that can’t wait, please call Brandy at 888-956-8400.

In this day of difficult and ongoing economic hard-times, we are looking for even more ways to cut and prune back, without losing sight of our original vision: to evangelize by creatively using mass media.

 We really appreciate your prayers on our behalf as we go through this process, and thanks again for your financial support of this ministry.

May God bless you richly today…

Bob Anthony Fogal

PO Box 600 La Quinta, Ca. 92247     T 888.956.8400